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Making Scans for a good purpose. Getting dropped manga back up.
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 Hello! Looks nice here...

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Hello! Looks nice here...  Empty
PostSubject: Hello! Looks nice here...    Hello! Looks nice here...  I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 22, 2013 3:18 pm

Yo! Shamarskii here!
Well, of course, I'm new here!
I've started translating things to test out my language skills!
Except, that doesnt make me very proficient ^_^'

So far, I know three languages. English, French, and Japanese. I started dropping my French (a language I started out with 10 years ago) for Japanese (1 year experience...). I still know some French so~ ask any and any yknow!

As for Japanese... erm, I'm starting to understand more and more. Reading, I am able to understand sentences when kanji is used frequently (so much easier than picking the amount of verbs "iru" has... Especially when the sentence makes sence with most of the meanings •_•'). Any translating history? Yeah, I started translating Megaman Battle Network 4.5, and a few songs...

Anyways! Done bout languages, now bout me.

I'm just an ordinary 9th grade boy... Well, tenth grade in two months.. It's really busy in highschool, I kinda don't mind it. Usually, I come home and turn on my ps3, start pumping some tunes, and chill or read something. It's weird when people at school ask me what languages I speak... They never believe me, and think I make up words xP.

On my spare time, I usually sleep or try to fix my PSP... It's been giving me problems since last month.

Oh well, that's somethings about me... Nice to meet you all! And I'll enjoy my stay here...

Yeah, and add me up on PSN: shamarskii
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Hello! Looks nice here...
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